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    Every once in a while a song comes along that not only speaks to the heart, it changes the heart.  This is one of them. Here are just a few comments from people around the world:

From Texas: This song is very comforting. Thank you so very much for sharing it with the world.           
From Indonesia:   The song's simple, yet great. It's been a special blessing for me, and for a lot of other people in Indonesia, I believe. God bless your work!
From Missouri: I have never heard a song that touched me instantly. This is a beautiful song!!!

From California:   There is a very special peace that God gave to me through you and your song.

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God Knew Your Name & More

Only $12.00 plus S&H

Written and performed by Jim Likens
Inlcudes “God Knew Your Name” plus EIGHT other songs.



God Knew Your Name Video DVD
Produced and performed
 by Jim Likens

Includes two versions of music video. Sheet Music in .pdf file, .mp3 Accomp. track in the Key of D and Lyrics for female singers.

Only $14.95 plus S&H


God Knew Your Name
Sheet Music Key of F

Words and Music by James Likens
 Arrangement by Chris Bergmann

  Only $5.00 plus S&H


.mp3 Downloads

God Knew Your Name
Performed by James Likens

.mp3 download

Only $1.99


God Knew Your Name Accop. Track
.mp3 download

Only $1.99


Sheet Music Download

God Knew Your Name
Sheet Music Key of F

Words and Music by James Likens
 Arrangement by Chris Bergmann

  Only $2.99 PDF Download


     Many singers have used this accompaniment track for singing at funerals, weddings, confirmations, etc. It is in the key of D.
     Public performances or the printing of lyrics in church bulletins require permission of StoryTunes Publishing or registration with CCLI, #4314598.
     To obtain permission, call 314-308-5203

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