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What Others Are Saying

From Louisiana: “Thank you for a wonderful video and song. I hope we will be able to use the song for future baptisms in our church. Jer 1:5 has a special meaning for me. My un-married daughter was pregnant 17 yrs. ago, this scripture was given to me for comfort by my Pastor. My daughter and the baby's father were married and are now divorced. Thankfully abortion was never an issue and our grandson is a fine 16 1/2 yr old who is a good student. If the time comes and he questions the time of his conception this video will be my gift to him. Thank you and the Lord be with you.”

From Missouri: My husband died in January 2001. I have cried myself to sleep every night since the day he was killed in a car accident. After hearing your song, it was the first night I didn’t cry. There is a very special peace that God gave to me through you and your song.

From Wisconsin: “Thank you for the song and video. It is a wonderful Christian witness especially for those who do not know the truth about the gift of life from God.”

From Texas:
“Thanks for your creative gifts and your positive expression of God's gift of life.”  

From Illinois: 
“Hope you remember me. I'm ordering the music for the beautiful song. Showed the video Dec. 26 for adults and children. Wasn't a dry eye in the house. I'm very happy for your success and I'm grateful that our Lord continus to provide talented and willing servants for His Church. I'll be on the look out for more of the same.”

From Oklahoma: “I’m writing to tell you that I think your music is great and I’m glad to see that you are using the talent that God has given you in a way that touches so many lives.”

From Texas: “I must admit that I have not been to excited about much of the "ProLife" movement because I find it to be very judgmental. Your video was the oppositive. “ 

From Indiana: The video is beautifully presented. All I've heard is raves. We will be usiing it at a zone meeting where the speaker will be from a pregnancy center. Each family should have one for their child's Baptism.

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